Campus Ladies National Promotion

Promax BDA Gold Award.

Campus Ladies National Promotion
A Multi-Media Campaign Filled with Tons of  Humor and Good Old College Fun
A brand new, original program on the Oxygen Network needed some serious exposure to move the ratings meter. The website was the interactive arm of a multi-media campaign with the goal of drawing viewers to an Oxygen original series. Built in Flash, the site had features like spin the bottle on the cast and crew page, an Ecard section where you could upload your photo into Campus Ladies party scenes, a blog written by the Ladies and plenty of giveaways. Not to mention uncensored outtakes from the show we couldn't put on the air. Special thanks goes to Agency Net for the Flash development.

The video player was created to support the business to business arm of the national promotion. A button to download the required affidavit allowed for easy participation. Snazzy.

Evites were created for exclusive parties to meet the cast of the Campus Ladies sit-com (who would have known that meeting Jonah Hill would have been a big deal back then) and to attend an intimate screening party. The goal of the evites was to create awareness in the Ad-Sales community and to build some excitement and energy around the show. 

This website won a 2006 Promax BDA Gold Award.

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