In-House Agency Marketing Campaign

With a new name, a new director (me), and a new emphasis on partnerships and awesome creative, a marketing campaign was born. Inspired by symbiotic relationships, the campaign focuses on perfect pairs working together in full appreciation of each other. Whimsical illustration was created to stand out among predictable corporate messaging and witty dialogue and puns add a sense of humor to the campaign. Conversation is key to strategic partnerships, ergo the introduction of the talk bubble and "Let's Talk" tag line throughout the creative - a cookie professes it's love to milk, a bone talks to a dog, and even a URL has something to say (why limit the conversation?). The target audience is internal employees on a global scale. The name change poster was distributed first, and the illustrated partnership posters came next. All of this is accompanied by a 3 fold, die-cut media kit with elegantly embossed talk bubbles. One-sheets were created, covering all agency service offerings, and inserted in the inner pocket. Oh, and let's not forget a complete website re-design which highlights the work in a brand new portfolio and celebrates the people who create it. Nothing like starting from scratch (smile). Business is booming!

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