Environmental Design in Whitehouse Station

This big pharma company's global headquarters was untouchable since it's design in the 80's in many ways. It was designed by Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and associates and it remained as designed until we partnered with facilities and piloted a redesign of one section of the building. Cubes were knocked down, white boards (wall talkers) were installed from floor to ceiling, colors other than beige were applied to walls, and graphics brought the space to life. An open space plan allowed for collaboration like never before, based on the fact that people could finally see each other. To create the feeling of a semi-private space, we erected a Leitner aluminum structure and hung custom printed fabric within it. In order to create a unique visual appearance, we secured the structure into the ceiling which eliminated the need for legs or other supports. To add a one-of-a-kind piece of art to the space, we created a "City Scape" that consisted of this pharmaceutical company's facilities from around the world. This photo montage (below) is 10 feet wide and four feet tall and resembles a small city skyline.

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