Avaya: Outdoor Signage and Website Marquee

Unified Communications Campaign: Escape the Cubicle In a campaign used to create awareness around Avaya's Unified Communications products and services, signage in Times Square ran simultaneously on both the Reuters and Nasdaq signs, creating a massive "can't miss it" presence in one of the world's busiest pedestrian intersections. The video footage for the Nasdaq sign was shot in such a way that it allowed for the windows of the building to be used as props. Office workers appear to jump over the windows and do hand springs as they run out of the office to celebrate their new found freedom - provided by Avaya's Unified Communication technology. On the homepage of Avaya's website, a single click would "uncube" a trapped office worker triggering animations that presented workers in environments outside of the office and outside of their cubicles - again celebrating how Avaya technology can help office workers "escape the cubicle".  Watch the Times Square video footage below. 

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