A Museum-like Experience

This project is the culmination of a big hairy knot of objectives with many touch points across various mediums. One objective was to consolidate and restore a corporation's historical archives from a tangible artifact perspective. Another was to provide a global digital solution allowing all employees access to the historical artifacts. A third objective was to transform a lobby space into a timeless representation of the corporation's history. And finally, restore a historical apothecary to make it tour worthy once again. A consistent user/brand experience was critical to the success of the project. We wanted people to feel inspired by the past achievements and future vision of the company. And we wanted everything to be easily accessible to all. Our solutions: an online archive with the corporation's history preserved in digital format. A sustainable environmental graphic display that could be easily updated and maintained in a cost effective way. Plus, an updated apothecary that made you feel like you went back in time as you entered the front door. The result was a museum-like experience that allowed people to explore the multi-medium displays at their leisure. In the end, we successfully brought the corporation's past and present to life and displayed the philanthropic contributions made to society on a global scale. This project has received five industry awards for environmental design.

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