A+E's TVE apps  span the core of the brand portfolio and display beautifully across tablet and mobile devices. Each app presents a brief animated splash screen while content loads.
Since we were operating with a very lean team, our approach was to create a design solution that would scale across our primary brands. This allowed us to create a core design system, as well as a core code base that we could re-use across the portfolio. Brand colors, text styles, button styles, image proportions, gradients, grids, and every other detail were taken into consideration in order to create a scalable solution. This allowed for content to lead the way. Key art, photography, and color were brand differentiators. 

Viewers are able to easily engage with contextually relevant content in the "Hero" carousel based on their past viewing behavior.  

We delivered a personalized user experience by automatically generating content carousels which presented content based on a viewer's behavior.
When diving into a series, viewers can easily see the number of episodes available and select the season and episode they would like to watch. Episode descriptions are initially hidden, but easily accessible with a tap. The video player displays in both portrait and landscape mode, and Chromecast is available for big screen viewing.
Don't forget the drama! Lifetime is a top entertainment destination for women that features a diverse mix of original movies that serves a passionate and loyal audience. We incorporated a "Movies" section in the Lifetime app and treat movie landing screens a bit differently than our series landing screens in order to differentiate the content types.  
Cord cutter? Not many episodes will be available but we have incorporated a handy filter allowing you to get right to the unlocked episodes (below left). Cable subscriber? Sign in with your provider credentials and enjoy the entire catalog (below right). 
The ability to communicate with our viewers directly is incredibly valuable to us. Viewers who create profiles and receive newsletters are more deeply engaged with our programming. Viewers are prompted at the appropriate time to create a profile or to sign up for newsletters and email updates - both allow us to have a direct relationship and an ongoing dialogue with our user base.

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